Lou Reed

The magic of Mark J. Mulcahy

The man behind the soundtrack to your childhood brings his newest — and best — solo work to Noise Pop



LEFT OF THE DIAL To an '80s baby, at this point, calling Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete & Pete a cult favorite is a little like thinking your childhood love of The Labyrinth or The Neverending Story is somehow quirky or unique — it goes without saying that they're excellent, but we're gonna need a lot of Kool-Aid: These are some pretty big cults we're dealing with.Read more »

I’m so free: RIP Lou Reed


Everyone had their essential Lou Reed. Whether it was a Velvet Underground record, a solo track, or a collaborative piece, there was a musical treat for everyone created by the rock’n’roll poet.
The world lost its avant-garde art rock king this weekend when Reed died on Sunday at age 71. He’s survived by his wife and sometime creative partner, the brilliant experimental musician Laurie Anderson. Read more »

Lou Reed's not so perfect day


Last Friday, it was revealed that Velvet Underground co-founder and occasionally proclaimed "godfather of punk rock" Lou Reed had undergone a life-saving liver transplant in Cleveland. Reed, 71 was "dying" according to his third wife, Laurie Anderson. She says that Reed is already improving and up and around doing tai chi, but that "he will never be completely better''.Read more »